Digital Solutions
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Our focus is people and processes, and how we can use digital solutions to make life as easy as possible for our clients and users. That is the guiding principle behind our work in each of the industries we provide solutions for.

Emini products


We provide digital solutions and services to a number of industries. What these industries have in common is that they involve a range of specialized and administratively challenging business processes that can usually be digitized to great effect...

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Emini produkter


We work with personal data. We work with personal data in the role of both data controller and data processor. We secure data and follow the law as well as good practice in the field...

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Emini references


It's about peace of mind that comes from knowing your processes and data are being handled by a provider who understands your challenges and delivers the foremost solutions and advice. That is what we can do, and our references speak for themselves...

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