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It all comes down to people and processes, and how we can use digital solutions to make life as easy as possible for our clients and users. That is the guiding principle behind our work across all the industries that we have developed solutions for, which has inspired us to to offer some of the best and most innovative solutions in the marketplace today. We launched in 2003 and have been developing solutions especially for the temp and employment sectors for more than ten years – in addition to our e-commerce, price comparison and invoice and inventory management solutions. We usually apply our solutions to complex processes, where they have contributed significant efficiency improvements and cost-savings for our customers. That not only requires extensive technical knowledge, but also a deep understanding of the technical and business challenges our customers face every day. Emini A/S is a supplier that knows your market, and can deliver the rights solutions that meet your specifications. In this, our solutions and the customers that we have served since our launch more than tens ago really speaks for themselves.

>Niels Wedenborg

Niels Wedenborg

Chief Executive Officer

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Niels is Co-founder and partner in Emini and PeopleTrust. Previously he has held positions at Proventum, Dong Energy and the Danish Defence Staff. He is a Msc. in Strategy, Organisations and Leadership and holds a diploma in Informatics as well.

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