We work with personal data. We work with personal data in the role of both data controller and data processor. We secure data and follow the law as well as good practice in the field.

As data controller, we collect and store data about employees, customers and partners. Our legal basis is contractual, legal and legitimate. We store information such as name, company, contact information and potential minutes of meetings and conversations.

As data processor, we store and process data about employees, customers, partners and candidates on behalf, and under the instruction, of our customers. Our legal basis is contractual and legal. Our storage and processing of data is governed by individual data processing agreements with all our customers.

IT Revision

Since 2006, we have been subject to a voulentary external IT security audit. This means that we can document compliance with applicable legislation through an independent IT revision statement. Our statement is delivered with a high degree of security.

This means that you can feel safe when using our systems, and our revision statements, which will be sent to you anually, can be included in your own IT revision. This will save you a lot of expenses and trouble. You also know that we view the security surrounding your data at least as seriously as you do.

If you are a customer of one of our customers, or if you are registered as a candidate in one of our customer systems, you know that your data is kept in accordance with applicable law and that our customers can document this. This is your peace of mind and guarantee that your data is handled responsible.

SelfReg & Staffz

Emini has some Apps that are integrated into our systems. One is called SelfReg, which is an App, used by candidates for registration of arrival/departure times at own or foreign locations. Our clients are data managers in relation to the candidates and Emini is data processor. You can read more about the Privacy Policy for SelfReg here.
The other App is called Staffz, which is a self-service tool for candidates. Emini is data controller in relation to the candidates. You can read more about Staffz's privacy policy when it hits the market!